There is nothing better than the great outdoors, especially when watching a great game of cricket! Just as important as having a wonderful looking cricket pitch and field to play on, is a durable, easy-to-use and 100% waterproof cricket pitch cover for when it starts to rain. What therefore are the most important aspects to consider when investing in a cricket pitch cover that is worth your money?


Although cost is important, topping the list should always be the quality of the cricket pitch cover. Buying cheap, mostly  ends up in a costly exercise, because you get what you pay for. Buying a top quality cover will ensure that you will have many years of service. A good way to determine the best quality is to check and consider the thickness and type of material used, but also how the cover is manufactured.

a. Type and material

You want a cover that is light and easy to use but durable enough to withstand all kind of weather conditions. Ensure that the material used to manufacture your cover is has the following qualities:

  • 1st grade PVC material that is ISO9001 certified and proudly SA manufactured.
  • The cover has a thickness of 550g or 700g, depending on your needs.
  • The tear and tensile strengths of the cover is determined by the base cloth. Ensure that the base cloth used consists of threads of polyester running in two directions and is either a full Panama weave (two yarns running together in each direction gives extra tear strength), or a half Panama weave (two yarns running together in one direction and the yarn in the other direction is a single yarn).
  • Carries a 12 months warranty backed by the material manufacturer.

b. Manufacturing process

Quality manufacturing of the cover is just as important as the material used. Ensure the following:

  • PVC high frequency welding is used to ensure strong seams and joins.
  • There is weldable webbing in the seams to reinforce the cover and make it more durable (optional extra).
  • Stitching of webbing handles are of the best quality.
  • The eyelets to secure the cover against winds are stainless steel (optional extra).

Size and ease of use

Cricket pitch covers differ in size and weight to cater for various needs. It is important to consider the size vs what it will weigh to ensure ease of moving the cover. Also ensure that the cover has webbing handles to assist in moving it with ease.


Cricket pitch covers can be made in a wide variety of colours, but the most popular colours that also last the longest in the sun is white, blue and green.

Sales and customer experience

A last point to think about when buying your next cricket pitch cover is not just to consider the material and quality, but also to consider the sales and customer service experience you will receive:

  • Have you been attended to friendly and effective?
  • Has the different options in terms of type of material been explained? (Remember that you can ask for the material specs, as well as references.)
  • Was the quote clear and on time?
  • Has the sales T&C’s, warranty and after sales service been explained?
  • Has a possible collection date been communicated?
  • Has the product caring instructions been explained to you?

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