Isn’t it great to spend time outdoors, especially enjoying your swimming pool (or jacuzzi) with family and friends? There are many pool add-ons that can add to the enjoyment of your pool, such as lighting, heating, water slides, auto-cleaners, etc. There is however one essential pool add-on worth considering that will save you money, reduces pool maintenance and will contribute to a better environment, and that is a swimming pool cover.


The benefits of covering your swimming pool (or jacuzzi), not just during the winter months, but all year round (should you wish to do so) are plenty:

Reduces water consumption – Pool covers slows down water evaporation by up to 80% and therefore reduces water consumption by 30%-50%.

Helps to maintain water temperature – Pool covers have the ability to maintain and even slightly increase the water temperature with up to 5°C.

Saves on energy costs – Besides saving money on water consumption, pool covers can help save energy and thus reducing your monthly electricity bill. If you cover your pool for the off-season, you will even save more, because you will be able to switch off the pool pump and filter for up to 5 months. (Opening up your pool in spring will be made easier by maintaining normal water quality throughout winter.)

Saves on chemical costs – A pool cover helps to reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by 35%–60% by reducing the amount of UV light (which is responsible to degrade the chlorine) coming into contact with the water. If you have a salt water pool this means your chlorinator uses less energy.

Reduces pool maintenance – Pool covers have the added benefit of reducing the time you have to spend on pool maintenance, because pool covers will help to:

  • Reduce the amount of leave litter, dust and debris in the pool and therefore reduce cleaning time.
  • Hinders algae growth.
  • Reduces the number of times you’ll need to empty your skimmer net and basket, leave collector, filter and pump.
  • Less chance of flow blockages that will avoid potential equipment failure and prevent a “green pool”.
  • Preserves water quality in unused pools so they require less supervision and maintenance.

Helps with pool safety – Traditional safety covers are netting, but solid PVC pool covers which are secured to the pool’s deck can provide extra protection for children, animals, and unplanned guests.


When investing in a pool (or jacuzzi) cover that is worth your money, it is important to consider the following aspects:

Quality – Although cost is important, topping the list should always be the quality of the pool cover. Buying cheap, mostly ends up in a costly exercise, because you get what you pay for. Buying a top quality pool cover will ensure that you will have many years of service. A good way to determine the best quality is to check and consider the thickness and type of material used, but also how the cover is manufactured.

  • Type and material – You want a pool cover that is easy to handle but durable enough to withstand all kind of weather conditions. Ensure that the material used to manufacture your pool cover has the following qualities:
    • 1st grade material that is ISO9001 certified and proudly SA manufactured.
    • 600gsm, two tone colour block out PVC specially developed for pools.
    • The PVC has UV stabilisers and a premium formulation to ensure a longer life span.
    • The tear and tensile strengths of the pool cover is determined by the polyester base cloth and should be either a full or half panama weave.
    • Carries a 12 months warranty backed by the material manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing process – Quality manufacturing of the pool cover is just as important as the material used. Ensure that:
    • PVC high frequency welding is used to ensure strong seams and joins.
    • Stainless steel eyelets and aluminum poles are used.

Size and ease of use – Due to the unique size of each pool, it is better to opt for a custom-made pool cover to ensure that it fits your needs, and at the same time prevent future unexpected costs when it hasn’t lasted and needs to be replaced.

Colour – Pool covers come in a wide range of colours and it also speaks of the quality of the material. Colours that last longer in the sun are blue, black, grey, dark earth and beige.

Sales and customer experience – A last point to consider when buying a pool (or jacuzzi) cover is not just about the material and quality, but also the sales and customer service experience you will receive:

  • Have you been attended to friendly and effective?
  • Has the different options in terms of type of material been explained? (Remember that you can ask for the material specs, as well as references.)
  • Was the quote clear and on time?
  • Has the sales T&C’s, warranty and after sales service been explained?
  • Has a possible collection date been communicated?
  • Has the product caring instructions been explained to you?

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