Marquee tents are the perfect solution where people get together to worship.

Why are marquee tents preferred and used by churches for their gatherings and activities?

  • It is more affordable than a brick building.
  • It can be used for added space like children’s ministry or prayer tents.
  • It can be moved around and put up anywhere where needed.
  • It can be used to start satellite churches in other areas.

How then do you choose the correct marquee tent for your church gatherings and activities? There are 5 things to consider before choosing:

  • For what will you be using the marquee tent? Is it for church services only, of for other church activities too, like children’s ministry, Bible study groups, etc.?
  • How many people do you need to accommodate in the tent for your gatherings and activities?
  • Must it be extendable for future expansion?
  • Do you need to erect the marquee tent permanently or do you need to move it around?
  • What is your budget for the marquee tent?

This information will help us at Midrand Tarp & Tent to establish the correct type and size of marquee tent to suit your needs, as well as your budget. We have 3 types of marquee tents, depending on your requirements:

  • Mini Marquee – Smaller congregations from 50 – 400 people seated on chairs. This is the budget option to start a new ministry with. Once the ministry grows and the marquee tents becomes too small to accommodate all church members, the tent can then be used for children’s ministry or to plant another church.
  • Framed Marquee – Small to medium size congregation from 50 – 1200 people seated on chairs. These marquee tents are erected permanently, usually on a concrete slab or paving. Glass doors, air conditioners and carpets can be put in. It is also extendable to accommodate future growth.
  • Marquee Peg & Pole – Medium to big congregations from 360 – 7000 people seated on chairs. These marquee tents can also be erected semi-permanently if correctly installed and will last for many years. It is extendable to accommodate future growth.

Different options you can choose from when choosing your marquee tent:

  • 550gsm PVC – Used for mini marquee and small frames tents.
  • 700gsm PVC – Used for mini marquees, frame tents and peg & pole marquees.
  • 800gsm Block Out PVC – Used for all the tents.

We also offer optional extras:

  • Clear PVC windows for light and to give you tent a better aesthetic look.
  • Gauze windows with flaps and zips to promote ventilation.
  • Aluminium glass doors.
  • PVC groundsheets to cover the floor.

Lastly: Did you know that Midrand Tarp & Tent offers discount to churches when purchasing a tent from us. Please enquire with the sales team on how to qualify.