Congratulations! You have made a big investment in buying your framed or peg & pole marquee tent! Whether you will be using your marquee tent for a wedding to remember, throwing a school or family reunion, hosting a fundraiser, orginasing a corporate or any kind of event, your marquee tent can add charm and glamour to your event. To get many years of building these memories, it is important to care for your marquee tent. Here are a few pointers:

Before you erect your marquee tent
  • Decide on a suitable and level site for the marquee tent.
  • The area must have some form of wind protection, e.g. trees.
  • Take note of any water pipes, electrical cables and sewerage pipes.
  • Do not erect the marquee tent on loose or sandy soil.
  • The area that the tent pegs will take-up is about 4 to 5 meters more than the size of the tent.
Safety and things to avoid
  • Never let members of the public near a marquee before it is completely erected.
  • Never pitch or dismantle a marquee tent in windy conditions.
  • All ropes should be checked, prior to the erection of the marquee tent.
  • Over-tensioning causes the marquee tent to tear and poles to bend.
  • Under-tensioning can cause wind damage.
  • Un-even tensioning can cause the marquee to collapse.
  • Structures should not be tampered with when erected. This includes, but is not limited to removing of pegs, anchor points or exits.
  • Marquee tents are temporary structures. As such, there are foreseeable weather conditions such as high winds and storms where it is advisable not to permit members of the public into the marquee tent.
  • Removal of walls can cause wind to enter the marquee tent.
  • Although the material is fire retardant, the marquee tent is not fireproof.
  • Avoid any sharp objects.
Storage of your marquee tent
  • Incase the marquee tent must be stored away, ensure that the marquee tent is not wet or damp.
  • The storage location must not be vulnerable to mould, mildew, insects, rats and other threats.
  • Best is to store the marquee tent away in cool dry place.
Cleaning your marquee tent
  • Decide where to clean your marquee tent:
    • Avoid rough surfaces like paving or concrete and assure that the area is free from rocks or any sharp and pointed objects.
    • Frame marquee tents can be washed while erected by lowering the legs, as this allows easy access to the roof from a normal ground level.
  • Use the correct cleaning products and equipment:
    • Use a soft cloth, mop or plastic broom.
    • Use warm water with a mild soap like dishwashing liquid (diluted).
    • Avoid detergents like washing powders, household cleaners and solvents as it will damage and remove the plasticider of the material, making it brittle.
    • Hose down your marquee tent with lots of water.


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