Peg & Pole

Peg & Pole Marquees are a great choice for events such as Church Service, Political Parties, Government Functions and Weddings. The Peg & Pole marquees are expandable tents with two End Caps and Midsections are added as extensions to fulfill your requirements.

When you purchase any Midrand Tarp & Tent product, You can expect the highest quality and expert customer service. Give your next event the advantage of a Peg & Pole Marquee.


  • Ensure flexibility to comply with venue requirements
  • Enable growth in requirements
  • Easy to transport
  • Requires 5m clearance on perimeter of tent
  • Can be erected as a permanent structure
  • Can be extended with a midsection

Different Sizes:

  • 10m series
  • 13m series
  • 15m series
  • 18m series
  • 34m series


Various colours available as well as Block out PVC


Chairs + aisles 0.65m2 per person (including pulpit)
Chairs only 0.50 m2 per person
Chairs + table 1.2 m2 per person
Benches 0.35 m2 per person


  • Expandable King Poles
  • Ratchet and Webbing instead of rope
  • Lifting equipment: Pulley, Block & Tackle
  • Windows – Optional
  • Decor – Optional
  • Signage can be displayed on the tent


Gathered or Smooth Add Dimension and Elegance to Your Tented Events. They are made of 100% polyester, fire retardant fabrics material. Fabrics are washable, lightweight and durable. Choose from smooth or gathered styles to create ambiance and warmth , or mask special effect wiring , lighting or soiled tent tops.

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Peg and Pole - Midrand Tarp and Tent

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